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Employment Law

Employment Law

  Employment law covers many different aspects of the employment relationship: Pay, wages, minimum wage, overtime, meal periods, rest periods, expense reimbursement, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, mandated training, sick leave, employment contracts, government agencies that regulate employment (EDD, DLSE (Labor Commissioner), DFEH, EEOC, DOL, etc.), classification of exempt employees, classification of independent contractors, unemployment, vacation pay, and many other employment law issues.

  We have experience with all of those aspects of employment law. One of the only areas of employment law we do not handle is Workers’ Compensation law. That is a specialized area, but we can refer you to Workers’ Compensation attorneys.



  Employers have the burden to meet the required laws and regulations. There are so many laws, and many of them change from year to year, that keeping up with them can seem impossible. Of course, we can help. We keep up with the changes and advise our employer clients of the changes. Our blog posts discuss some of the most important yearly changes. Other changes may apply to your business too. We will discuss the changes that affect your business and help you to implement the best strategies to avoid problems. If a problem with an employee arises, we can help minimize the damage. In some cases, we can even completely defeat a claim. The earlier you involve us with an employment issue, the more effective we can be.

  In our experience, very few employers are able to meet all of their obligations under the law. Often, they simply do not know about the obligations or of recent changes in the law.

  Because the restaurant industry employs many employees, we see many restaurant owners who believe that they are treating their employees with the utmost respect and are following the law, when, in fact, the owner’s good intentions do not meet the requirements of the employment laws. If you own a restaurant and have questions about your legal obligations, please do not hesitate to call us. If the Labor Commissioner (DLSE) investigates you and finds violations, call us then too.

  We appear before the Labor Commissioner (DLSE), EDD (unemployment), EEOC, DFEH (California discrimination and harassment laws), DOL, and other government agencies. We also defend employers in court. Usually, we try to negotiate settlement before costs mount, if that is an appropriate strategy.


  At times, employees feel like their employers are not treating them fairly. Sometimes the unfairness stems from a pay practice. At other times, an employee is feeling picked on. Sometimes, an employee simply wants to negotiate a severance. We will gladly discuss the issue you have with your employer, and tell you what, if anything, we can do for you. If you have a problem we do not handle, we will refer you to someone who can.

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“This is the second time I employed the service of this firm and I got a very positive outcome from my labor issue. Mr. Heinrichs is very understanding and professional and his negotiation skills are very effective in lending a voice to any employee that has to face a well defended and lawyered up corporation. I also recommended him to a friend of mine a couple of years back and he was able to also get a decent severance package for that person.”
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“Ward Heinrichs was very effective in helping me resolve my labor issues with my company. He advised me on settlements and we received the desired outcome very quickly. He also ran through various options on his fees and let me chose the one that worked for me. He is a pleasant and professional attorney and I recommend him highly.” L R. San Diego, CA _____________________
“My name is Jeffrey Walters and I was the lead class representative in a case against Pacific Eagle International Security, Inc., a company that provided armed security guard services for the U.S. Navy. During our case, Ward Heinrichs always responded to my phone calls and many e-mails regarding the many problems we all faced with this case. We worked closely together to prove that California wage law applied to Pacific Eagle, even though the class of security guards worked on property controlled by the Navy. Pacific Eagle believed that only federal wage law applied to it. Without Mr. Heinrichs’ unwavering persistence and total command of the difficult issues in the case, we probably would never have received the money Pacific Eagle owed us. Mr. Heinrichs presented the case through facts obtained through vigorous research. After two years of litigation, Pacific Eagle finally agreed to pay $900,000.00 to settle the class action for unpaid wages, un-reimbursed expenses, penalties, etc. I received $15,000.00 for being one of the class representatives in addition to my share of the money that Pacific Eagle owed me and my fellow security guards. I am very grateful for the hard work and commitment.”
Jeffrey Walters _____________________
“Ward Heinrichs is professional and knows employment law. He is personable, always answers his phone and was available anytime I called. As a person in transition for the very first time in 25 years, he has helped me move forward without any regrets. I would recommend Mr. Heinrichs for any employment related dispute.”
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